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No Prescription Plan? No Problem!


Without a prescription plan, medications can be difficult to afford. We wanted to thank Target for making a number of medications available for $4/month ($10/3 month).
Here is a list of medications that you might find of use if you are treating a skin condition and want to save money on filling your prescriptions.

Acne Treatments, And Their Cost

Acne is common.  Very common.  It affects more than 85% of teenagers, and can be troubling into and through adulthood.  If you have acne, we can help you.  It is what we specialise in.  The questions is… how much will it cost?  This past week, I had a patient in the practice who asked me just that.  As part of his acne care, he was going to need antibiotics.

If you have insurance, than oral antibiotics might cost you little or nothing.  If you don’t have insurance, or a good drug plan – have no fear.   We will make you better too.  Looking good, and feeling good about how you look is extremely important.  However, like everything else, there are choices to be made along the way.  I’m just not sure if it is appropriate- no matter who is paying – to offer medication for acne that costs $446.00 per month when there are alternatives that might be just as effective that cost $4 per month.  The same medicine will not work for everyone all the time, and I’m not suggesting that these are equivalent medications.  However, such a large price disparity is difficult to overlook.

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