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Notalgia Paresthetica – A new treatment option for patients

Notalgia Paresthetica is a common, but often unrecognized condition.  Patients present with itchy skin, often on one side of their mid back.  Some patients also experience pain, paresthesias, and altered sensation to touch.

Treatments currently offered are varied and include topical steroids, topical anesthetics, antihistamines, and acupuncture.  Some doctors suggest not treating the condition as it is a “harmless condition”, but many patients find it to be disruptive and uncomfortable.

We have piloted a new option – using Massage Track to help relieve the intense itching, while avoiding the trauma of scratching and rubbing skin.  Massage Track is an innovative tool that allows patients to precisely and easily apply pressure to any location on the body.  By manipulating the firmness of the  Massage ball and the location of the pressure, patients can substitute the “scratching cycle” for a “massage cycle” while applying emollients to the skin.

We have found that utilizing this tool has resulted in dramatic relief of the itch, and contributes to healing of the otherwise thickened and darkened skin.


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