This page is a reference only. It is not a definitive source for Belaray trademark policy. It is simply meant to answer basic questions from partners, consultants, professional writers and editors, and others who are creating communications referencing belaray.


Most Belaray trademarks are on file with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, typically in the name of Belaray Dermatology, PC.  Belaray does not use or require the use of trademark legends or acknowledgements unless agreed to by both parties involved in the development of a specific business or legal contract.

Belaray company name or logo use

The Belaray logo is reserved for use by licensees, partners and alliances under contract with Belaray. No other uses of the Belaray logo are permitted. When referring to the company name in formal documentation (i.e., annual reports, financial reports) the full name Belaray Dermatology, PC is preferred. In informal references to the company in text, Belaray may be used.